How to get Google Adsense approval in 2023

How to get Google Adsense approval in 2023
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Friends, all of you must have heard about Google Adsense, what is Google Adsense? And how is earning from google adsense? All these questions will be answered in our today’s article, so stay tuned with Titanium World.

what is google adsense? What is Google Adsense?

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Friends, Google Adsense is a very creative program of Google, which is used by more than 60 percent of the people of this world, that is, 60 percent of the people in the whole world earn money with the help of this program of Google, and the money is not so much. Earn more that they also have to pay taxes.
Now you must have understood what is Google Adsense,
About 8 years ago from today, Google had created this program, the only purpose of Google behind making this program was to find creative people from all over the world and to hone their talent.

Google se paise kaise kamaye 2023

In today’s time, there are many people who have adopted Google Adsense, leaving their good job, because the earning in Google Adsense is not limited, you can increase it as much as you can on the basis of your talent, just for this. You will have to do a little research and a little hard work, and in today’s article we will tell you what that hard work will be and how to do it.

How to create google adsense account ( google adsense account create) –

Friends, if you also want to create a Google Adsense account, then you have to first create a blog or website by taking a domain name, or you will have to create your own YouTube channel, we will give you all the information about them. In this whole process, you have to complete the following steps, then your google adsense account will be created.

1. How to Log In to Google Adsense –

Friends, in this part of the article, we will tell you how to log in to Adsense, how to log in to Google Adsense.
If you have a blog, then you will first have to search Google Adsense sign in on Google, after that you have to log in with your email by entering the name of your site there, after that the full interface of Google Adsense login will open. handjob

In which you will have to enter the name of your site, after that you will get a code from Google Adsense which you will have to put in your site, after that you will have to go back to the site of Google Adsense, after which Google Adsense will check the code you have entered. After this, if your code is entered correctly then your Google Adsense account will be opened.

2. How to add website or blog on Google Adsense?
Google Adsense

Friends, after setting everything up, the next step comes in front of you is to connect your website with Google Adsense, for this you first have to go to the settings of Google Adsense, there you have to click on the sites option, after that you will get a blank The box will appear

In which you have to enter the url of your site, after that if you have site kit plugin in your wordpress, then your site will be automatically linked to this Google Adsense, and getting ready will start coming in your Google Adsense account, after 7 days of this Google ads will be enabled on your site.

5 google adsense approval requirements hindimetech

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Some important tricks to get Google Adsense fast –

Friends, if you want Google Adsense on your site or blog quickly, then you must follow the tips given below –

1. Whenever you apply for Google Adsense, from that day onwards you will have to put 1 article on your site or blog.

2. Try to have at least 20 or 22 or 25 articles in your blog or site, when you comfortably apply for your Google Adsense.

3. If you want to get Google Adsense on your site or blog quickly, then you should put a unique article on your site, and that article should not be copied from any other site or blog or from any book, if you have a good topic. If you feel then you should read that topic completely first,

After that you start writing that article in your own words, it can be just as if you are writing an answer in your own words in your exam, now you must have understood my point very well,

Till date no one has told you this trick of writing blog post, which Titanium World has told you.

4. Apart from this, you do not have to write any bad article on your site or blog.

5. Apart from iske, you do not have to use too many photos in your article by mistake, this will slow down the speed of your site or blog.

6. You always have to write good content, more and more people will come to your site, and more Google Adsense will give you money.

7. If you want to see your google adsense earnings then you have to go to your google adsense dashboard.

How to earn money from Google Adsense?

Friends, there are 2 ways to earn money from Google Adsense, in which you can earn money through blogging, and second you can earn money through YouTube, if we will give you complete information about these two then stay with titanium world –

1. How to earn money from Google Adsense through blogging?

Friends, first of all you have to create a blog, for that you have to take domain name and a hosting, for hosting you can take go viral host, because its speed and response time is very good, my site itself go viral host But the host is there, only then you will be able to apply for Google Adsense, and earn money from Google Adsense.

2. How to earn money from Google Adsense through YouTube?

Friends, if you have talent, then you can also earn money from Google Adsense by creating your YouTube channel, for this you have to first create your channel, after that you have to create a new video and put it on your channel, and google adsense You have to login to youtube and we also call youtube adsense as youtube google adsense.

After this you will need 1 thousand subscribers on your channel, and with this your vdo watch time should be 4 thousand hours, after that your channel will automatically apply to Google Adsense youtybe, and your earning will start.

Conclusion –

So friends, how did you like our today’s cool post youtube google adsense, apart from this you can get google adsense approval soon with the tips given by titanium world, if you have got google adsense approval then you will definitely tell us.